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International trade of scrap metal.

LRA Group of Companies specializes in the business of metals in Russia and international wholesale of scrap metal (to know more about us and our activities refer to lra-groups)

At the moment we have got own wide network of scrap metal suppliers represented by our customers. For them we have been organizing business on metal trade in Russia by registering the licenses. Among our clients there’re regional companies and metal processing plants in different cities of Russia such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Khabarovsk and other regions.

At this point we offer the cooperation with foreign customers interested in purchasing Russian scrap metal. LRA Group of Companies can look for the supplier of scrap metal in Russia among our client network, based on your conditions. According to your requirements we will find for you a particular type of scrap in the required quantities, negotiate the terms of the contract between you and our supplier, including the delivery conditions. After signing the contract, we’ll undertake the fulfillment of engagements within the contract from the Russian side. In the future we can service you on all matters relating to the contract fulfillment in Russia. For these services we have a financial interest that is specified while concluding the treaty of intent between our the company within LRA Group of Companies and you - the purchaser of Russian scrap metal.

This offer is applied to all foreign persons engaged in the international wholesale trade of scrap metals and looking for reliable suppliers among scrap metal traders in Russia.

So far we present the following business proposal:

Stainless steel scrap