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Organizing Business on Metals

LRA Group of Companies actively serves regional clients providing services in organizing turn-key business of metals and registering corresponding licenses in short terms!

We lease the production space to the license holder to organize business of metals with further registering license for preparing, processing and selling scrap iron and non-ferrous metal. On our own we supply the production space with all equipment facilities Ц presses (pressing force 2500 kN), dosimeters, balances, etc. Moreover we offer trained professionals to be hired to your company on a labour contract.

By location of the production space, we create a detached subdivision that is registered in the tax inspectorate.  In this subdivision, the regional customers pay in the local budget 13% income tax on salaries of their employees, the rest of the taxes is paid by the parent organization at the place of its legal address in its region.

We organize the turn-key business of metals by registering your license in the licensing authority.  Issued license can be received by your proxy (otherwise personally by your representatives), and sent to you by fax or e-mail. After receiving the final payments for the given services according to the relevant treaties Ц the original license is passed (forwarded through courier service) to you.

Within 3 months after your license registration we provide legal and accounting services as a bonus - leading accounting for your commercial transactions on metals in the production space, namely: we are taking into account shipments of logs, acceptance statements, the book tracking trip tickets, etc. These documents represent an evidence of the real license holderТs wholesale activities in production space when passing the supervisory checks.

Any time per your request the metal experts can be called out to your production space for carrying out their obligations in dosimetric (radiation) and pyrotechnic control.

LRA Premium services are primarily aimed at establishing and maintaining your business in full compliance with the law! This serves as a real guarantee of your license and business in general throughout the duration of the license - 5 years. All calculations are carried out under the relevant treaties through the current account.