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Welcome to the site of LRA Group of Companies!

For 10 years LRA Group of Companies has been specializing in services for the business of metals in Russia.  Our holding company provides a wide range of services in processing licenses for preparing, processing and realization of scrap iron and nonferrous metals. In order to be eligible to buy and sell scrap waste on the territory of Russia, a foreign organization has to establish a firm Ц legal person in Russia (where a Limited Company is the most spread organizational form of law). The founders of this firm can be represented either by a natural person/a few individuals Ц foreign citizens or by other foreign companies. Within 5 days after the state registration of your company the LRA Group of Companies will organize your business by taking out the necessary licenses and permits and will provide everything you need in accordance with the Russian legislation. The warranty on performed services estimates 5 years! Within this period we provide direct support to your business at your request. The license allows scrap metal trading in Russia and exporting outside the country.

LRA Group of Companies cooperates with setting up business on scrap metal, leasing production spaces supplied with all necessary equipment to carry out this activity, providing accounting services, keeping books of production and contracts.

Our business partners, members of the Group of Companies that provide services for the licensing, documented legal maintenance of commercial and production activities of the license holder, arranging the training of specialists in radiation dosimetric and pyrotechnic control, in the selection of professional personnel.

WeТre ready to help anyone to startup the business in the field of scrap metal circulation in Russia!